Artist Theo Jansen demonstrates the amazingly lifelike kinetic sculptures he builds from plastic tubes and lemonade bottles. His creatures are designed to move -- and even survive -- on their own


אדריכלות ישראלית #71 - סוכות: חילטור והמצאות אל מול המרפסות המדלגות

Here is a link to an article about Sukkot in Architecture of Israel Magazine from two years ago:

in Hebrew

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Egg Carton Remainders

Here are a few early pictures of the thinly-sliced egg carton edges. More experimentation to follow:


Some cardboard surprise!!!!!!!!!

sub-studio B3 Designers' Cardboard Cafe - the interior design firm converted their studio into a cardboard cafe for the London Design Festival. I mainly just like the splash of color on the inside faces of the boxes that peaks out when the boxes are turned to complete a curve


MIO, Nomad screen, cardboard design, recycled cardboard screen, cardboard screen, green screen, ICFF 2007

Proving once again that cardboard is truly a green super-material, the Nomad Screen system by MIO takes recycled double-wall cardboard modules and transforms them into an endlessly-customizable architectural system. Designed by Jaime Salm and Roger Allen of sustainability focused design company MIO, Nomad was one of our favorite items at this year’s ICFF, and can be assembled into free-standing, sculptural screens, temporary partitions, rooms or even displays, without hardware, tools or damage to existing structures. A wonderfully simplistic solution to recycling materials.

The inspiration behind Nomad was simple- to acknowledge and cater to nomadic lifestyles and the desire for flexible space. Designed to grow and adapt to any environment and a range of applications, Nomad Architectural System translates the tools of architecture into simple modules that anyone can use

One part origami, one part architecture, pure genius, the brand new Bloxes system makes 2-dimensional pieces of interlocking cardboard come to life as expandable and continually adaptable structures. Because they’re so masterfully designed, Bloxes create structures strong enough to stand on, all assembled without tools. So they’re not just for room separating anymore- build a bench, a table, a wall, or even a full room!

Paper tea house by Shigeru Ban

This would have been not as interesting or even stunning if one were to make a tea house out of paper for fun. You know those little toy houses that the young ones play with all day long in a cute fashion. But we are not talking about kids toys here. This is a real ‘Tea House’ made from recycled paper to obviously send out a green message to the world. It tells us to reduce, reuse and recycle and it does so with elegance and subtle style that is
very charming indeed
“Tea House” by architect Shigeru Ban, is perfect for those cozy afternoons drinking tea and it will soothe your sense along with the cup of beverage that you have. Being a coffee lover, I would much rather call this my own ‘Coffee House’ and that would be indeed great as I have always wanted one since the days of first watching ‘Friends’. The use of paper based building materials might prove to be a reasonable temporary housing solution in disaster zones around the globe. The concept is very useful in disaster management

Sliceform: a cardboard bench composed of 80 identical cardboard cutouts, cheap to produce, easy to assemble. Designer: Elise Vigneault, professor: Patrick Evans

BURNING MAN: Designers eager to try Zen and the art of desert architecture
Architects Paul Discoe and Amy Van Nostrand build the zendo in Oakland before it was shipped to Burning Man
Paul Discoe, who designed the cardboard zendo for a Swiss magnate, is better known as the architect of Larry Ellison's Woodside estate
The creators of the portable zendo hope it will be a feature at Burning Man for years to come

The carton bed designed by Antoinette Bader is the most refined folding bed of its kind. There are a number of carton beds available on the market and these can be folded and then opened out when they are needed for guests. However, none of them can be opened up and then folded and stowed away again in such a clever way. This bed not only can be compressed into the minimum size of a pile of old newspapers, but is also very flexible in its width. The carton bed can be folded out in a few quick moves and the size can be adjusted by means of the simple accordion effect. The lamination on one side of the cardboard gives the bed a decorative element both when it is folded and when it is opened out. Folded up the carton bed has the size of a stool

Oscar Tuazon cardboard dome 2002

cardboard igloo, student project

cardboard pavillions student projects

ונדאליזם ספונטאני

טוב, לפני כשנתיים השתכרנו קצת.. אני וכמה חברים.
באיזשהו שלב, דחפתי איזו אבן שפה של חומה מזדמנת, בלי שום סיבה.
להפתעתי היא זזה.
מייד ניסיתי גם את השניה (זו שמעבר לפתח שבחומה) וגם היא זזה!!!

חשבתי לעשות אקט ונאליסטי שאיש לא ידע עליו בחיים. סתם ככה, בלי שום סיבה.

בקשתי את עזרתו של חבר והחלפנו את שתי אבני השפה, כך שהימנית הפכה שמאל והשמאלית הפכה ימין.
הזכר היחיד לאקט הוונדאלי היה סטייה של 5 סנטימטרים בין אבן לאבן.

ידענו שאיש לא ישים לב, ונשבענו לסודיות.

מי היה מאמין שכשנה לאחר מכן מישהו ישים לב.

הבעלים של החומה סגר את החצר לחדר ארעי והתקין שער.
בעל המלאכה שביצע את המלאכה זיהה את הסטייה,
משך את האבן הקצרה, כדי שתבלוט כמו אחותה,
ומילא את ההפרש בחומר מליטה.

ועכשיו זה נראה כך -

אני שובר את נדר השתיקה בנושא כ"מחווה לאדריכלות ספונטנית",
אני מקווה שסודי שמור איתכם.


הכי רחוק שאפשר

הבזק של פוטוני גאמא שהגיע מעצם במרחק 13 מיליארד שנות אור מכאן. זהו העצם הכי רחוק ביקום שנצפה אי פעם. זה קרה בשבוע שעבר במצפה הכוכבים האירופאי .
חג שמח ושיהיה לכולנו המשך סמסטר מוצלח!

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