A collection of sketches by Yotam Yered

Chandigarh -
A lecture and overview of the work of Pier Jeanneret, by Indian students in the CCA.

Chandigarh - the Capitol complex:  Le Corbusier.
a composition of  giometric shapes and shadows, made from concrete.

Jantar Mantar: New-Delhi

Mills owners house - Le Corbusier

New Delhi: Slam visit.

An elevation that looks as if the envelope of the building was removed, leaving is "naked" and show the section, and the life inside.

Derive in Chandigarh

Opening point- sector 11:
Yotam Yered
Liza Schneider
Roni Schanin
Jatin Bedi

working with the chai lady at the informal market

Got inspired by the informality, and desided to trade chai for some information

We destributed questioniers to get to know the people and find out in which sector they live and why the came to this sector

we found out the people came from all the city.

BUT...... also from much farther away.
aperentlly most of them came fot treatment at one of the best hospitals in India.