Area no.2 //Projector

 Area no.2 //Projector team
We started from collecting all the information from our area that can
 influence somehow on the project-
lengths, heights, trees/holes/hills/etc position, by doing section cuts in strategic places.
In step 2 we had to choose the exact location where we going to build our project.
After analyzing the area we concluded that we want to build the project in the highest spot, that apparent to be the highest spot of the entire site.
Step 3- early formulation of a concept - kind of alternative road that allows you something more (for example -an increase to a certain height) than the regular one, in specific place.
We started to think on its shape as you can see in the initial sketches below.
Step 4- To Be Continued........

 Measurements of every single detail inside the area

Plan of the entire site  

Measurements and details of our area, area no.2

Panoramic view from our highest spot

Initial sketches
Initial sketches