Is there a spontaneous Technology?

let's look on the meaning of the word spontaneous- (from Oxford dictionary)-
performed or occurring as a result of a sudden impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

and now the meaning of  technology - 
noun (plural technologies)
[mass noun]
the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

From those definitions I conclud that the word "spontaneous" is not the right word, becuse to "do" technology we need to plan, to use some kowledge and spontaneous is work from the instinct.
Therefore I call those technolgy- Improvised technolgy.

How can we identify improvised technolgy?

1. Specific need (utilities- Utilitas)
2. Imported material or object-Due a lack of resources or time (stability- firmitas)
3. Damage to the wholeness- damage the wholeness of the central object's shape (beauty- Venustas)


Thatch- *need- shelter from the rain.* Material- stone from the sidewalk, ropes, sticks and nylon.

Hot fish- *need-home to the fish. * material-kettle, fish, stones.

 Follow the flow-*need- adjust the flow * material-leaf.

Opuntia ficus-indica-*need- prevent climbing over the wall * material- fragments of glass bottle , concrete.


Using street facilities to make living


recycled newspaper

Laundry package out of recycled newspaper

market bag out of recycled newspaper

Wind Temple પવન મંદિર

Wind Temple
પવન મંદિર
The point where the cliff and the sea meet

I attached the bamboo sticks to the branch, with a small gap between each stick
Once the wind blows the bamboo sticks will collide, Thus making a relaxing sound
The bamboo sticks formation simulates a screen, which allows the person who uses the temple to enjoy some shadow area while hiding from the everyday hustle
וכעלה נידף ברוח 
כך דואות המחשבות 
אל שמש בחופשה 
ועל ירח שכבה בחורף 
ואילן קטן שכוח 
משתופף בצל אביב 
ורוח יגעה נושאת משא 
לעייפה עד האביב 

Spontaneous Technology

 Vegetable merchant, Old City Market - Ahmedabad

 A parasol built from materials found nearby
 I find the improvisation of the Bamboo sticks connector fascinating

 The merchant holds a hammer within reach in order to prevent the parasol from falling apart.