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Rajpur projects - 2 years later

Of the 4 structures built in 2012 only 2 remained intact. Two structures which were erected near trees were severely damaged by a group of 21 monkeys that invaded the village few months ago, jumped on the roofs and smashed the bamboo structures.
Nevertheless, it seems that SABA's intervention fueled the school which now has a new built classroom as well as few outdoor installations and the village, which was admitted to a national "Model Village" program.


HIDE & SEEK Bal Mandir - Tunnel

As an integral part of the design, and a part of the circulation in the structure, we built a tunnel using ferrocement technique, which creates a kids-only territory, playful, adventurous and flooded with color.  
Digging foundation for the tunnel and building a supporting wall to
bind the tunnel to the compound wall 
Placing the reinforcement and the chicken mesh to the foundation
and the wall 
Shaping a mold out of mud for casting the cement
Attaching the chicken mesh to the compound wall - detail
Shaping the cement free-handed over the
poles and chicken mesh.
Digging out the mud
Creating halls in the cement by placing tubes in the mold for sun
beam penetration, peeping and ventilation 
Colorful china mosaic flooring
The finished tunnel