SABA 2011 wins AIQ "project of the year" competition

The SABA 2011 Halvad project won the first prize in the AIQ (Architecture of Israel Quarterly) "project of the year" competition at the students category, The Arieh and Eldar Sharon Award for Creative Students.
Greetings to all the participants!

Architecture of Israel Quarterly #91, November 2012


"Israeli Gandhigiri* in the land of Bapu**" - SABA 2012 presentation at Bezalel

Presentation of SABA 2012 Rajpur projects will take place on Friday november 16th, 11:00 AM, at the Architecture department of Bezalel Academy, Historic Bezalel Campus, 1 Bezalel street, Jerusalem.

* Gandhigiri - Those who walk in Gandhi's path (Gujarati).
** Bapu - Grandfather (Gujarati), one of M.K. Gandhi's nicknames.


HIDE & SEEK Bal Mandir - Tunnel

As an integral part of the design, and a part of the circulation in the structure, we built a tunnel using ferrocement technique, which creates a kids-only territory, playful, adventurous and flooded with color.  
Digging foundation for the tunnel and building a supporting wall to
bind the tunnel to the compound wall 
Placing the reinforcement and the chicken mesh to the foundation
and the wall 
Shaping a mold out of mud for casting the cement
Attaching the chicken mesh to the compound wall - detail
Shaping the cement free-handed over the
poles and chicken mesh.
Digging out the mud
Creating halls in the cement by placing tubes in the mold for sun
beam penetration, peeping and ventilation 
Colorful china mosaic flooring
The finished tunnel

Mandir to the art of time

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, Verse 1.

Music has three dimensions: time, pitch and rhythm. My mandir dedicated to the creation of Johann Sebastian Bach, for his control of all the three dimensions of music.
Like in the army the translation of the creation of Bach composed from three parts.
Part 1- look on the the note (I chose the Toccata in d minor):

Part 2- translation the Toccata to a visual language(made by Stephen Malinowski)

the fragment that i chose 

Part 3- transfer the Toccata from two dimensions to three dimensions and to the "real" world. 

"the mandir in "laboratory conditions

Causality- now, in the mandir, the sun determines the duration of the sound and the pith, the shadow represents the time- and the shadow is always changing. The music changing.
"All component things are subject to change, strive on with diligence" Budaa.

Sun-Earth, Holy Land, Holy City - Mandir
*There is only one second in a year that the sun can "play" the Toccata as Bach wrote it.


Is there a spontaneous Technology?

let's look on the meaning of the word spontaneous- (from Oxford dictionary)-
performed or occurring as a result of a sudden impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

and now the meaning of  technology - 
noun (plural technologies)
[mass noun]
the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

From those definitions I conclud that the word "spontaneous" is not the right word, becuse to "do" technology we need to plan, to use some kowledge and spontaneous is work from the instinct.
Therefore I call those technolgy- Improvised technolgy.

How can we identify improvised technolgy?

1. Specific need (utilities- Utilitas)
2. Imported material or object-Due a lack of resources or time (stability- firmitas)
3. Damage to the wholeness- damage the wholeness of the central object's shape (beauty- Venustas)


Thatch- *need- shelter from the rain.* Material- stone from the sidewalk, ropes, sticks and nylon.

Hot fish- *need-home to the fish. * material-kettle, fish, stones.

 Follow the flow-*need- adjust the flow * material-leaf.

Opuntia ficus-indica-*need- prevent climbing over the wall * material- fragments of glass bottle , concrete.


Using street facilities to make living


recycled newspaper

Laundry package out of recycled newspaper

market bag out of recycled newspaper