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My Class by My Group

Mesuring and marking the site
Laying the foundations

Covering the Bamboo columns with tar in order to seal them
Molding the columns 
Metal string connects the bamboo elements 
Screen at the south elevation
Window detail

My Group


The cow is a natural habitant in the Indian city, unlike other cities, around the world. It moves in the urban space by the laws of wilderness logic.The cow in India is the symbol of the earth and the holy mother of the land.

"My Mandir" to go

.My Groupe" Class, "to go" Variation"
.Created from one A4 Sheet of paper

: Assembly YouTube Link

Spontaneous Technologies

..Brick wall in Ahmedabad’s Alleys also used as children art-board

 .Old compact disc, new light reflector

.A bamboo stall in Ahmedabad uses an original tree trunk to short the sticks

  .A part of Ahemdabad’s zoo became next street habitants kitchen-cabinet

. Auto Rickshaw new hand break, Ex-Irrigation pipe

.Next to a gas station in Ahmedabad ex-inner tire tube becomes a drainage pipe