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HIDE & SEEK Bal Mandir - Tunnel

As an integral part of the design, and a part of the circulation in the structure, we built a tunnel using ferrocement technique, which creates a kids-only territory, playful, adventurous and flooded with color.  
Digging foundation for the tunnel and building a supporting wall to
bind the tunnel to the compound wall 
Placing the reinforcement and the chicken mesh to the foundation
and the wall 
Shaping a mold out of mud for casting the cement
Attaching the chicken mesh to the compound wall - detail
Shaping the cement free-handed over the
poles and chicken mesh.
Digging out the mud
Creating halls in the cement by placing tubes in the mold for sun
beam penetration, peeping and ventilation 
Colorful china mosaic flooring
The finished tunnel


HIDE & SEEK Bal Mandir - Presentation status

HIDE & SEEK Bal Mandir - Introduction

Bal-Mandir – literally meaning "Child's Temple" – is a place that aspires to create a sense of relevance for its users, the kindergarten's kids. Doing that by adjusting the building's scale to their measure and creating a challenging and playful environment for them.

In the Hide & Seek Bal Mandir the kids could pass on their fours through a colorfully paved tunnel to the untouched area, joined to the wall and the plinth level with a sand slope. Another passage is created by a narrow gap that divides the wall in two, which they can squeeze through. A little window, positioned at their eyesight level, allows them to peep to the natural surroundings from the interior of the structure, whilst the grown-ups can watch it over the lower wall.  

  Positioning two classrooms opposite to one another with a one meter offset from the
  school gate in order to define the school entrance.

The four main principles that guided our design

HIDE & SEEK Bal Mandir - Building Process

  Working bottom-up, we set up the chronological process required for elements
  that intersect with each other. 

1. Foundations
Technical section describing the foundation

2. Tunnel*
   Tunnel reinforcement before applying the ferrocement

3. Wall
Wall during construction
 4. Roof

 Roof construction is lying on a beam which passes through the wall

Roof beam - wall intersection detail

Roof - wall intersection
5. Finishing - polished cement flooring and hay roof cover
Applying polished cement flooring in IPS technique
Covering the roof construction with hay

Summarising all the building process for a minute and a half stop-motion, we got the following: