Joseph Zernik / A Letter to SABA

Dr. Joseph Zernik, occupier in TLV (photo: Max Norz 4/4/13)

Sharon Shalom.
Thanks again for choosing this project! I would be grateful if you could distribute the attached summary as my written submission for your Studio's work.
Additionally, I assume that the students work through some structured or semi structured process, and hope that you could include in its written components recommendations for the park dwellers and all others involved, regarding Public Health issues, including drinking water, showers, toilets, food, animals.
Obviously, I would eventually be happy to read what the students write.

Feb 28, 2014

Architect Sharon Rotbrad
and Students of the Spontaneous Architecture Studio,

Thank you for choosing the project in the Occupy Tel Aviv camp.

I write to submit in writing my input for your project, following our discussion yesterday in my tent. and to provide links to supporting records:

a.  The TLV Municipality owes very little to people like me, who stay in the park under a Permit for Social Protest 24/7.  I renew the Permit on a monthly basis.  As far as I know, I am the only one who Permit holder at this time.  In the past, Permits were issued in parallel to Mr Danny Falkevitch and to me. However, Mr Falkevitch has since left the camp.

The permit is based on the extension of an Agreement signed on November 28, 2012, between one Mr Tamir Hajaj and the TLV Muni.  However, the TLV Muni would not permit me, the current Permit holder. to view the original Agreement, even after Freedom of Information Act requests.

With it, the records show that the TLV Muni and Israel Police refused to provide the OccupyTLV camp honest services from the beginning, e,g, providing security, or trash collection.,,

b. The TLV Muni owes to all residents of TLV to maintain a Public Toilet facility in the park, as one of six prescribed throughout the TLV Muni, by TLV Muni's own laws and regulations.

c. The fact that some people, like me, choose to live in tents, out of protest, does not create permission or any legal foundation for the TLV Muni to create and maintain "public housing solutions" for the homeless, which fail to comply with the laws of the State of Israel and laws and regulations of the TLV Muni (directly, or indirectly, through contractors and subcontractors, through charitable associations, or through a "community" "Kehillah").  

In short - the TLV Muni and the gov of the State of Israel must address the homeless pursuant to the law, and provide them with adequate housing, including reasonable infrastructure, whether it is in the park area or elsewhere.

Regardless of all the above, Architect Rotbard and I agreed that Public Health issued are of the highest priority, and then Architect Rotbard also produced Gandhi's article on the same subject "The Perfect Village", from almost a century ago...

I have no doubt that your contribution is essential here, and would likely be of interest also in other camps in Israel.

In parallel, I hope that you could connect me with some experts for creating a small model vegetable garden and regarding low energy house design.  In all these areas, I hope that the OccupyTLV camp would become an interesting educational asset to the public at large.

Attached is my short CV, and other records, pertaining to the OccupyTLV camp, communications with TLV Muni and Israel Police on matters related to health, permits, demolitions, etc...

Please note that the narrative emerging from these records is diametrically different from the one you would get from the TLV Muni, or which was produced by Israeli media, even relative to very recent events.  In particular - relative to "Demolition Decrees" or "Eviction Decrees", which never existed, but the TLV Muni was easily able to implant news of in print media and TV. 

In this matter as in others, the OccupyTLV camp produces a microcosm of law, society, and Human Rights in the State of Israel - 2014.

With all of that, I have no doubt that Bezalel Art School and the Spontaneous Architecture Studio, led by Architect Sharon Rotbard, would leave a constructive and creative imprint in this space and in the Social Protest movement in Israel.

I would be glad to provide additional information upon request.

All the best,
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
* The Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations was incorporated into the 2010 Periodic Review Report regarding Human Rights in the United States, with the note: "corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California". 
* The Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations was incorporated into the 2013 Periodic Review Report regarding Human Rights in Israel, with the note: "lack of integrity of the electronic records of the Supreme Court, the district courts and the detainees courts in Israel."

13-08-06 Biographical Sketch – Joseph Zernik, PhD 
קורות חיים מקוצרות (באנגלית)

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13-03-08 תלונה מס' #107269/2013  הוגשה למשטרת ת"א לגבי מספר אירועי ירי של זיקוקים אל תוך מאהל המחאה החברתית ארלוזורוב // Complaint File #107269/2013 filed with the Tel-Aviv City Center-HaYarkon Police Station in re: shooting at the Social Protest/homeless encampment Arlozorov/Monument
13-03-08 Complaint File #107269/2013 filed with the Tel-Aviv City Center-HaYarkon Police Station in re: shooting at the Social Protest/homeless encampment Arlozorov/Monument
13-03-19 Additional Evidence in re: Complaint #107269/2013, filed with the Tel-Aviv City Center/HaYarkon Police Station, in re: shooting at the Social Protest/homeless encampment Namir/Monument
13-06-23 בקשת הארכה גן וולובלסקי קרני- מכתב רובי זלוף , משנה למנכ"ל עיריית תל -אביב למר דני פלקביץ
13-07-01 מכתב דייר רחוב למנהל אגף רבעים ושכונות אריק שוע - בקשה למידע ותקשורת סדירה // Street Person's letter to Director of Department of Neighborhoods and Quarters, Mr Arik Shua - Request for Information and Regular Direct Communications
13-07-01 הצהרת דייר רחוב בגן וולובלסקי , דר, יוסף צרניק // Declaration of a Street Person in Volvolevsky Garden, Dr Joseph Zernik
13-07-17 Letter to Mr Zluf, Tel Aviv Municipality - Request for Extention of Agreement for Social Protest encampment // מכתב למר זלוף, עיריית ת"א - בקשה להארכת הסכם למאהל המחאה החברתית
13-08-04 Letter to Mr Zluf, Tel Aviv Municipality - Repeat Request for Extention of Agreement // בקשה חוזרת להארכת ההסכם לשהות אנשי מחאה חברתית בגן וולובלסקי-קרני
13-08-06 Response by Tel Aviv Municipality, Mr Reuven Zluf, on Repeat Request to Extend Permit for Occupy Tel Aviv Encampment // תשובת עיריית ת"א, מר ראובן זלוף על בקשה חוזרת להארכת הסכם למאהל המחאה החברתית
13-08-21 Letter to Mr Zluf, Deputy CEO, Tel Aviv Municipality - extension of permit for the Occupy Tel Aviv encampment for Sep 2013
13-11-12 Occupy Tel-Aviv: Freedom of Information correspondence with Tel-Aviv Municipality
13-12-05 מאהל המחאה ת"א: מניעת שירותי תברואה בסיסיים על ידי עיריית ת"א // Occupy Tel-Aviv: Denial of basic sanitation services by the Tel Aviv MunicipalityEd
התארגנות לסיוע למאהל ארלוזורוב לעמידה מול הפינוי הצפוי
13-12-14 Occupy Tel-Aviv: Law Enforcement Implants // מושתלי כוחות הביטחון במאהל המחאה החברתית,ת"א
13-12-24 "צווי הריסה", או "צווי פינוי למראית עין שהונפקו על ידי עירית ת"א נגד אנשי מאהל המחאה, ת"א // Sham "Eviction Decrees", or "Demolition Decrees" were issued by the Tel Aviv Municipality against the Occupy Tel Aviv camp
13-12-24 Eviction Notices in the Arlozoroff Camp _Ynet News
13-12-24 Structures in Occupy Tel-Aviv Camp
13-12-25 Tel Aviv Municipality Issued Demolition Decrees Against Structures in the Arlozoroff Camp_ Haaretz
13 12 25 This is life, not protest: Tel-Aviv Munitciaplity v Occupy Tel-Aviv camp_NRG // זו לא מחאה, אלה החיים: עיריית ת"א נגד מאהל ארלוזורוב_מעריב
13-12-25 Occupy Tel Aviv: Fake "Eviction Decrees"/ "Demolition Decrees" process // הליכי פינוי/הריסה למראית עין במאהל המחאה, ת"א
13-12-25 Request pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (Israel) on Municipality of Tel Aviv, in re: Authorization of flyers, characterized as “Eviction Decrees” or “Demolition Decrees”
13-12-26 Occupy Tel Aviv: Law enforcement implants // מאהל המחאה, ת"א: מושתלי כוחות הביטחון
13-12-27  Occupy Tel Aviv: Urgent request for protection against hooliganism by Deputy City Manager Reuven Zluf
13-12-27 Occupy Tel-Aviv: Criminal fraud, extortion complaint filed against Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Hulday// מאהל המחאה ת"א: תלונה פלילית על הונאה וסחטנות הוגשה נגד ראש העיר רון חולדאי
13-12-27 Occupy Tel-Aviv: Criminal fraud, extortion complaint filed against Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Hulday// מאהל המחאה ת"א: תלונה פלילית על הונאה וסחטנות הוגשה נגד ראש העיר רון חולדאי
13-12-29 Occupy Tel Aviv - Law enforcement implants – URIEL and Avi
13-12-30 Occupy Tel-Aviv: Request forwarded to Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Hulday for written guidelines in re: permitted shelters in the camp.//בקשה הוגשה לראש עיריית ת"א להנחיות בכתב לגבי מחסות במאהל המחאה ת"א
13-12-31 Occupy Tel Aviv: Permit extension for Jan 2014 // מאהל המחאה ת"א - הארכה לינואר 2014
14-01-02 Occupy Tel Aviv: Law enforcement implants – URIEL BENVENISTE 14-01-02 מושתלי כוחות הביטחון - אוריאל בנבנישתי
14-01-10 Protest as an Amusement Park - Part III - the Rule of Law // המחאה כגן שעשועים - חלק ג - שלטון החוק
14-01-11 Occupy Tel Aviv: Request for transparency in operations of LaSova charitable association // בקשה למידע מידי לשובע, לגבי שקיפות בפעולות במאהל המחאה ת"א
14-01-12 OccupyTLV: Tel Aviv Municipality false Freedom of Information response in re: authorization of flyers, falsely represented as "Decrees"
14-01-13 Architect Sharon Rotbard - Meeting Summary: proposed collaboration between Tel Aviv Municipality and Bezalel Art School in re: toilets in #OccupyTLV camp
14-01-13 Tel Aviv Police response on fraud and extortion compalint against Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Hulday.
14-01-14 ISRAEL: #OccupyTLV: "State Persons" and law enforcement implants prevent erecting protest signs in the OccupyTLV camp
14-01-16 OccupyTLV: Reply on false FOIA response in re: authorization of flyers, falsely represented as "Decrees"
14-01-16 Response to Tel-Aviv Police Chief Sau on Criminal fraud and extortion complaint against Tel-Aviv Mayor Ron Hulday and others (File No. 572087/2013), and his response (Serial. No. 04433714) ,תגובה למפקד מחוז ת"א בנצי סאו על תלונה פלילית על הונאה וסחטנות באיומים כנגד ראש עיריית ת"א רון חולדאי ואח' –( מספר תיק572087/2013), ותשובתו ו(מס' שוטף 04433714
14-01-17 #OccupyTLV No 14: Amos moved to the LaSova tent 
14-01-17 OccupyTLV: Uriel and untreated latrine // מאהל המחאה ת"א: אוריאל ובור שופכין בלתי מטופל
14-01-19 #OccupyTLV: Criminal complaint filed against Tel Aviv Police Commander: Fraud and obstruction// תלונה פלילית הוגשה נגד מפקד מחוז ת"א בנצי סאו: הונאה ושיבוש חקירת משטרה‎
14-01-19 OccupyTLV Uriel and Unusual Police Activity
14-01-20 #OccupyTLV: Request for transparency by LaSova charitable association re: connection with law enforcement implant in the operation of illegal homeless shelters in OccupyTLV camp// בקשה מס 2 לשקיפות: קשריו של מר אוריאל בנבנישתי עם לשובע או צד שלישי לעניין הקמת ותפעול מחסות בלתי חוקיים לדרי רחוב במאהל המחאה ת
14-01-20 OccupyTLV: Police Commander is asked to remove police implant from the camp //ניצב סאו התבקש להסיר את המשת"פ אוריאלבנבניסטי מהמאהל
14-01-20 #OccupyTLV: Cumulative Health data (2013) submitted to Architect Sharon Rotbard //  מאהל המחאה ת"א, נתוני בריאות מתומצתים -  2013 הוגשו לאדר' שרון רוטברד
14-01-21 Notice and warning to Ron Hulday, egarding serious Human Rights violations by the city in Occupy Tel Aviv camp. //הודעה והתרעה לרון חולדאי – הפרות בוטות של זכויות האדם על ידי עיריית ת"א במאהל המחאה בגן וולובלסקי-קרניE
14-01-23 OccupyTLV: False Notice/Demand by Tel Aviv Municipality regarding shelters in the OccupyTLV camp
14-01-24 OccupyTLV: Request Filed With Member of Knesset Zehava Galon Re Police Abuse
14-01-26 OccupyTLV: Demolition operation - falsely represented as enforcement of non-existent “Decrees” - by collusion of Tel Aviv Municipality and Israel Police// פעולה להרס מחסות במאהל המחאה ת"א – שהוצגה במרמה כאכיפה של צווים שלא היו מעולם – על ידי שיתוף פעולה של משטרת ישראל ועיריית ת"א.
13-01-26 OccupyTLV: Correspondence with Member of Knesset Galon re – Filing complaint with  Police Investigations Department of Israel State Prosecution //
תכתובת עם ח"כ זהבה גלאון בעניין הגשת תלונה למח"ש
14-01-26 OccupyTLV: False Tel Aviv Municipality repeat Freedom of Information response, in re: Flyers, falsely represented as "Decrees"
13-01-27 OccupyTLV: Request for Equal Protection Under the Law, and Complaint against Benzi Sau. Tel Aviv Disctrict Israel Police Commander, filed with the Police Investigations Section of Israel State Prosecution//
מאהל המחאה ת"א: תלונה שהוגשה למח"ש נגד ניצב בנצי סאו, מפקד מחוז ת"א.
14-01-30 OccupyTLV: Request and permit for Feb 2014 // מאהל המחאה ת"א בקשה והיתר לפברואר 2014
14-02-03 OccupyTLV: Notice to cease and desist Human Rights violations, filed with Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Hulday
14-02-06 OccupyTLV: Response by Tel Aviv Municipality Legal Department in re: Unlawful demolition of homeless shelters
14-02-14 OccupyTLV: "Affordable public housing" // "דיור בר השגה לעם"
14-02-22 OccupyTLV: Repeat response to Tel Aviv Mayor on false Freedom of Information responses in re: Flyers falsely represented as "Decrees".
14-02-22 OccupyTLV: Response to Tel Aviv Mayor on Legal Department's letter in re: Arbitrary, capricious, discriminatory actions against the homeless.



In summer 2011 Tel Aviv experienced a huge wave of protest, mainly due to the housing prices. The protest occupied the city's center during all the summer, From July 14th, when young Dafni Leaf spontaneously erected a tent in Rothschild Boulevard to the September 3rd "One Million Demonstration" in Kikar Hanedina [State Piazza). Soon later, most of the protesters packed their tents and went back to their too expensive homes, leaving behind only those who insisted to stay and many others, who did not have anywhere else to go.   

On November 27th 2012, in accordance to an agreement originally made between the activist Tamir Hajaj and the Tel Aviv Municipality, the remains of the summer 2011 Tel Aviv protest Tent City were removed from Rothschild Boulevard and exiled to the Volovelsky-Karney park. Situated in the Tel Aviv's north eastern margins, the park was a green island surrounded by one of Israel's heaviest traffic, Tel Aviv's Central railway Station, Namir Road, Petach Tikva Road, Ayalon Freeway (hence its most common name, "Tsomet Parachat Drahim" - Crossroads Junction). The location was chosen because it was one of the only parks in Tel Aviv with public toilettes. 

In 2013, a large portion of the park, about a third, was fenced to become the construction site of the "Loop", a new, gigantic infrastructural project which is to add a new connection to the Ayalon freeway and maybe one day would become a new station of Tel Aviv's mysterious Metropolitan train system. Tent-dwellers residing in the fenced area where asked to move to the unfenced area. The public toilettes was demolished; chemical toilettes offered and maintained by a private subcontractor of the project 's contractor were placed instead.

Today, OCCUPYTLV Tent City oscillates between a protest sit-in, a homeless shelter and a pavella, and is occupied by few dozens of individuals . Each one of the occupiers has his own reasons to be there, they all protest either by protesting or by their mere survival in this place. However, apart sharing the shrinking space and infrastructures, the only thing they that have in common is that none of them wishes to form a community with the others, and they do not form any organized  community.  

During spring 2014 SABA will be working at OCCUPYTLV Tent City.

Volovelsky-Karney park [image prior to November 2012]


Close your eyes. Enjoy our dérive

Dérive YES.A

Text : How we feel the " dérive " ?

האם כאשר אנחנו יוצאים מביתנו, אנחנו יודעים לאן אנחנו הולכים? לאן אנחנו נגיע? האם אנחנו חופשיים ללכת בכל דרך שקיימת בעיר? האם אנחנו חופשיים ללכת לכל מקום בעיר? האם הרגליים הן אלו שמוליכות אותנו או דווקא המבט הוא זה שקובע? אינטואיציות או החלטות רציונליות? האם אפשר ללכת ללא מטרה? האם אפשר פשוט ללכת בעיר בלי לעשות דבר? לאיפה אני הולך? מה אני עושה? איך אני מחליט לאיזה כיוון ללכת בלי להחליט לאיזה כיוון ללכת? הרבה שאלות, מעט תשובות.

החוויה שלי בשוטטות בעיר נתקלה בסוג של קונפליקט, אני הולך למקום מסוים אך מנגד לא יודע מה הוא המקום אליו אני הולך. אני מקבל החלטה אם לפנות שמאלה או ימינה ובו זמנית מנסה לא להחליט וממשיך ישר. מין שילוב של אינטואיציה ורציונליות, סקרנות והרפתקנות, אינסטינקטים ותחושות. בהתחלה זה לא קל - ללכת בלי לדעת לאן. המחשבה נוקשה ולא משחררת. אתה מנסה לנוע בחופשיות, אך ברור לך שאתה לא לגמרי חופשי בעיר. בסופו של דבר העיר מכתיבה לנו דרכים ומסלולים שרובם תוכננו ועוצבו על מנת לנתב אותנו, את תושבי העיר, במרחביה.

אך ככל שהזמן עובר אתה נותן לעצמך להיכנס לתוך העולם הזה שבו המהלך הוא העיקר, אין נקודה ועוד נקודה, יש את מה שעובר ביניהם. אתה נותן מקום לאקראיות. אתה נותן מקום לסקרנות. אתה נותן מקום לתחושות בכך שאתה סופג, חווה ומקבל את מה שקורה סביבך. ההתבוננות שלך סביב והמבט שאינו מונע ממטרה ברורה נותנים לך לראות דברים שבדרך כלל לא היית מבחין בהם. החשיבות משתנה, זה כבר לא היעד, זאת הדרך. זו יכולה להיות סמטה חשוכה או חדר מדרגות שמשהו שם מושך אותך, אתה נותן לעצמך להיסחף לתוכם, להיכנס אל העולם של אי הוודאות. השלמה עם הסיטואציה הקיימת, במקום שבו אתה נמצא וכפי שאתה חווה אותה באותו הרגע בדיוק.

When we go out from our homes, do we know where we are going? Where will we end up? Are we free to choose any path we please? Are we free to walk anywhere in the city? Is it our feet that lead us or our gaze? Is our decision based on Intuition or rational? Is it possible to go without a goal? Is it possible to just walk without engaging in something? Where am I going? What do I do? How do I decide which way to go without deciding which way to go? A lot of questions, yet we have few answers.

My experience roaming the city encountered a conflict. I'm going to a certain place, but on the other hand I don’t know the place I’m going to.
I make a decision whether to turn left or right and at the same time trying not to decide and just continue straight on. It’s a combination of intuition and rationality, curiosity and adventure, instincts and feelings. At first it’s not easy - going without knowing where .it’s a Rigid and unliberating thought. You try to move freely, but clearly you’re not entirely free in the city. Eventually the city dictates to us the roads and tracks, most of which were designed to redirect us, the restrictions of the city space.

The more time that passes you allow yourself to enter into this world where the course is the essence, there is no point and another point, it’s what passes between them. You give way to serendipity. You give way to curiosity. You give way to your feelings by absorbing, experiencing and accepting what is happening around you. The observation you make and your stare that is not motivated from a particular goal which permits you to see things that otherwise you would of not notice. Importance varies, it’s no longer the destination that matters, it's the way. It can be a dark alley or a stairway which has something that appeals to you, you allow yourself to drift into them, to enter into the world of uncertainty. It is the Acceptance of the existing situation, where you are and as you experience it in that very moment.


Marcher sans but, laisser une place au hasard, ne pas tout prévoir.

Avoir des millions de questions, des questions sans réponses. Ne pas avoir de réponses, accepter de ne pas en avoir.

Alors que le propre de l’homme est de tout organiser, de tout prévoir, d’optimiser son temps pour avoir une journée « rentable ». Ne pas laisser de place au hasard tout simplement.

Expérimenter la ville, se l’approprier. Apprendre à l’observer et non pas juste à la regarder. Prendre le temps d’observer les passants, les chats, les poubelles qui se remplissent, qui se vident. Observer les touristes qui achètent des souvenirs …

Comment est-il possible d’acheter un souvenir ?
Le propre du souvenir n’est-il pas justement immatériel ? Quelque chose que l’on garde en mémoire, dans une petite case de son cerveau. Eventuellement un souvenir peut être associé à un objet trouvé sur place, un bout de papier, une feuille sur le sol.
Ainsi en regardant  cet objet on se repasse le film du voyage …

Laisser une place au hasard. Faire quelque chose sans objectifs précis. Se laisser simplement porter par ses envies du moment.
Se rendre compte que lorsqu’on fait un choix cela implique de ne pas en faire un autre.
Le futur n’est plus le même … Tout ça ne tiens qu’à un simple choix …

Aller dans cette direction, monter dans cet immeuble, aller sur le toit de ce même immeuble, voir une famille célébrer la fin du Shabbat. Les observer sans qu’ils ne se doutent de rien. Entendre des chants d’hommes, regarder des enfants courir, observer la lumière d’un lampadaire.
Tout ça n’aurait jamais eu lieu si nous n’étions pas entrer dans cet immeuble.

Le plus important n’est pas le but du voyage mais le voyage en lui même …

Accepter de laisser une place à la dérive­­ … durant six heures !

To go without goal, allow a place for the hazard, no plan everything, everytime.

Have million of questions, questions without answers. Not to have answers, be agree to don't have some. 

Whereas the characteristic of Man is always to organize everything, all to envisage, to optimize its time to have a day “profitable”. Not to leave of place randomly quite simply. 

Experiment out the city, to appropriate it. To learn how to observe it and not just to look at it. To take the time to observe the passers by, cats, the dustbins which fill, and after emptied. To observe the tourists who buy memories…

How is it possible to buy a memory ?  

The characteristic of the memory isn't it precisely immaterial ? Something which one keeps in memory, in a small box of the brain. Possibly a memory can be associated with an object found on the spot, a sheet of paper, a leaf on the ground.
Thus by looking at this object one passes by again the film of the travel… 

Leave a place to the hazard. To do something without precise objectives. To simply let itself carry by its desires of the moment.
To realize that when a choice is made that implies not to do another of them.
The future is not any more same… All that hold only with one simple choice…

Go in this direction,go up in this building, go on the roof of this same building, to see a family celebrating the end of Shabbat. To observe without them not suspecting nothing. To hear songs of men, to look at children running, to observe the light of a standard lamp.

All that would never have taken place if we were not to enter this building.

The most important isn’t the goal of the travel bit the travel itself…

Agree to allow a place to the drift… during six hours !