Dérive by Shaiba the dog- s.a.p

Derive #2

This is Shaiba, she is a Belgian Shepherd.
We decided to follow her wherever she may go in the park area.
we put our cell phone in a pouch on
Shaiba’s back
We used an application that shows Shaiba’s movement in the park.

Thoughts before the Derive:
Shyba is an army canine. her senses are stronger.
We hope Shaiba will act more aggressively and adventuress then Tuvya.

We must follow Shaiba.

Derive #2 report:
Shaiba Led us to wild areas.
Shaiba Led us to areas where they are throwing construction waste
She wasn’t afraid to get into water.
Tuvya is a city dog, he Led us to areas with people
Stay zones.
Shaiba led us to different places and was attracted to wild areas and also to bigger piles of waste.
We walked after the senses of two different dogs and had two different experiences. 

Place selection
Our location in a small clearing connected to a main dirt road.
It’s a busy road with bike riders, hikers, horse riders.
We have noticed people are using the location to rest.
The location shows a great view of the mountain
 and is viewed from the mountain side as well.

Materiel selection
We want to use plastic bags left over.
This pack of plastic is never used and thrown away every day in big amounts in Mahne Yehuda market.
Using a melting technique we create holes that makes the material stronger.