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Derive in the Gandhi Bhawan, Punjab University, Chandigarh

The Gandhi Bhawan is located in the Punjab Uni. campus in Chandigarh, and serves the Gandhian Studies department students.
The building was planned by Pierre Jeanneret, and consists of three major programs: a library, an auditorium and a conference room. 
The building is situated as a monument in the campus, surrounded by a little pond, and seems deserted while no one comes in or out.
While visiting the building, we've noticed it's many private hiding places and therefore decided to play hide and seek during our derive. Some can say that the building's architecture of curved walls and hidden corners doesn't suit Gandhi's outward way of life.
attached a collage out of panoramic photos which we took from our different hiding places.


Chandigarh College of Architecture (CCA), Chandigarh

‏ 30°45'55.79" N  76°47'02.54" E
Chandigarh College of Architecture
Vidya Path, Sector 12 D, Chandigarh, 160012, India ‎
+91 172 274 0685 ‎

opening session
September 11, 10:00 AM


גרופ הֶ - קבוצה מספר 2


מבנה בצורת L, בעל תוכנית סימטרית ופתוחה בהשפעת ה"דומינו" של לה קורבוזיה.
מסת קיר בדרום ומולו ספסל המשמש לישיבה מפנים המבנה כמו גם מחוצה לו.

הקיר, העשוי אבן מקומית מסותתת, מכיל נישות המשמשות כמדפי ספרים העשויים פריקסט בטון מזוין. הקיר המסיבי נבנה מדרום למבנה על מנת להצל על המבנה ולאפשר כניסת אור צפוני הנעים לקריאה. עמודי המבנה וקורותיו עשויות סנאדות אקליפטוס, כך שכל החומרים שנבחרו לבניית הפרוייקט הינם חומרים מקומיים וזולים.

The Library
A "L" shaped structure, with an open and symmetrical program, influenced by the "Domino" of Le Corbusier.
A massive wall in the south, and in front of it there's a bench used for sitting from the inner space as well as from the outer space of the stracture.
The wall, made of local and chiseled stones, includes reinforced concrete precast niches, that are used as shelves for books.
The massive wall was built in the south aspect of the structure in order to shade the inner space and to enable the penetration of soft northern light which is comfortable for reading.
The structure's pillars and beams are made of Eucalyptus wood. All the selected materials for this project were cheap and local materials.



The boy students can come to the CORBU HOUSE (boys hostel), Chandigarh College of Architecture, Sector 12, and At the Corbu House they can contact MR. VIKAS, Attendant and BIRJIT SAHA and SORAV PRATAP (both students who are also participating in the CCA BEZALEL Workshop).
The girls would need to reach the Architecture Girls hostel which is in Sector 11, Chandigarh. At the Architecture Girls Hostel the girls should contact Ms. Kulwinder kaur who is the officer incharge for the girls hostel.

Another ACCOMMODATION has been arranged at theHaryana Panchayat Bhawan Plot No-3,Madhya Marg Sector-28-A, Chandigarh. A little away from the college but all  the boys and the girls can stay here together. Contact: Mr. VINOD at the reception desk upon arrival.