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Mandir to the art of time

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, Verse 1.

Music has three dimensions: time, pitch and rhythm. My mandir dedicated to the creation of Johann Sebastian Bach, for his control of all the three dimensions of music.
Like in the army the translation of the creation of Bach composed from three parts.
Part 1- look on the the note (I chose the Toccata in d minor):

Part 2- translation the Toccata to a visual language(made by Stephen Malinowski)

the fragment that i chose 

Part 3- transfer the Toccata from two dimensions to three dimensions and to the "real" world. 

"the mandir in "laboratory conditions

Causality- now, in the mandir, the sun determines the duration of the sound and the pith, the shadow represents the time- and the shadow is always changing. The music changing.
"All component things are subject to change, strive on with diligence" Budaa.

Sun-Earth, Holy Land, Holy City - Mandir
*There is only one second in a year that the sun can "play" the Toccata as Bach wrote it.


Wind Temple પવન મંદિર

Wind Temple
પવન મંદિર
The point where the cliff and the sea meet

I attached the bamboo sticks to the branch, with a small gap between each stick
Once the wind blows the bamboo sticks will collide, Thus making a relaxing sound
The bamboo sticks formation simulates a screen, which allows the person who uses the temple to enjoy some shadow area while hiding from the everyday hustle
וכעלה נידף ברוח 
כך דואות המחשבות 
אל שמש בחופשה 
ועל ירח שכבה בחורף 
ואילן קטן שכוח 
משתופף בצל אביב 
ורוח יגעה נושאת משא 
לעייפה עד האביב 


Spontaneous temples growing into stable structures with time


Own Self Mandir

In my understanding, a temple is a place in which you practice for something you believe in, but is non-physical.

I translated that understanding so that the object of belief is reflected. The practice makes you looking at yourself through words that are associated to god, but can be read as both a description of one's action: "created" "judged" "blessed", or an imperative: "create!" "judge!" "bless!". The mandir is placed as a street art or graffiti in a central commercial street in Jerusalem, and across Bezalel's historical building in the city center.

The Own Self Mandir is my personal temple, that rely on the belief that we have the power to control our lives.

final movie- the temple - watch it with sound if possible

Macrame Mandir inspired by plant hangers


Mandir for the seasons


The Mandir lies on the western slope of the Valley of the Cross in Jerusalem which is an oasis in the midst of the city hustle. The Mandir for the seasons is seen from my favorite lookout - bold and clear against the backdrop of the landscape and separated from the surrounding vegetation as if given respect. 

Every time I come back, the Mandir's appearance changes a bit, and over long periods of time his dress changes entirely. This time of year, after the long and dry summer months, the Hatzav is the only flower that has managed to grow, signaling the beginning of Autumn and the rain to come.



The Mandir can be found anywhere, in any form or shape across India.
The Mandir which I planned aims to empower these two features: It is neutral and compact, enables each person to design it as he desires and to place it in any place, spontaneously.
I believe that such a design makes the Mandir accessible to the user, and in a form which enables the individual to independently cast in personal and unique content.


How to use the Mandir Card


1.       Take out the Mandir of the envelope 

2.       Open the card and flatten it

3.       Design the card as you wish

4.       Form a 90 degree angle with the card

5.       Position the Mandir any where you choose

"My Mandir" to go

.My Groupe" Class, "to go" Variation"
.Created from one A4 Sheet of paper

: Assembly YouTube Link

My mandir

Vishnu Mandir

In this days, when Vishnu is gaining popularity worldwide and sustainability is a key word, I wanted to build my mandir for him.
Appropriately, the mandir is: 
a. Made out of empty water bottles for the main structure, a metal can as an image of the god and a map of Pushkar for his resting place.
b. Multifunctional, operating both as a place of reflection and intimacy with the god, and as a stand in our beautiful balcony for tobacco, water colors and all kinds of little things.