Derive - Pierre Jeanneret House

Our derive took place in Pierre Jeanneret's residential home. While visitng his abandoned house, we''ve decided to compare between different living approaches: we've asked two groups of first year students to furnish the house as they saw fit (giving every room a program of use) using items which we had given them. In addition, we've documented by film an identical house which nowadays is owned by a wealthy family and  done research about Pierre Jeanneret's way of living in this house.
Kritika Dhupar, Aya Salalha, Lior Skoury, Nitzan Noy

Spontaneous Technology

 Meal on a Bike - refers to Tom Sachs, Waffle bike 

Bamboo ladder

 Solution to the light problem at the night market


Studio - first day

On our way to the girls dormitory, Chandigarh

Construction Sites in McLeod Ganj & Spontaneous Technology


Derive in the Gandhi Bhawan, Punjab University, Chandigarh

The Gandhi Bhawan is located in the Punjab Uni. campus in Chandigarh, and serves the Gandhian Studies department students.
The building was planned by Pierre Jeanneret, and consists of three major programs: a library, an auditorium and a conference room. 
The building is situated as a monument in the campus, surrounded by a little pond, and seems deserted while no one comes in or out.
While visiting the building, we've noticed it's many private hiding places and therefore decided to play hide and seek during our derive. Some can say that the building's architecture of curved walls and hidden corners doesn't suit Gandhi's outward way of life.
attached a collage out of panoramic photos which we took from our different hiding places.

Derive in Chandigarh sctor 17


Spontaneous Technology

spontaneous technologies

Derive in Chandigarh, government school, sector 10

Amit Miller, Maayan Turgeman

sketches, ahmedabad

spontaneous technology (water heater)

Spontaneous architecture - Delhi

Derive in Chandigarh - government housing sector 22


 Mill owners house

 Chandigarh Capitol Complex


Improvisation in India

A house gate made out of nuts aluminum cans

A flattening concrete tool made out of a brush and a pole

Rajpur projects - 2 years later

Of the 4 structures built in 2012 only 2 remained intact. Two structures which were erected near trees were severely damaged by a group of 21 monkeys that invaded the village few months ago, jumped on the roofs and smashed the bamboo structures.
Nevertheless, it seems that SABA's intervention fueled the school which now has a new built classroom as well as few outdoor installations and the village, which was admitted to a national "Model Village" program.