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Bamboo Forest by Unistar

First site sketches with Massala team

From right to left, top to bottom:
Planning and marking, digging, foundation belt, planting the bamboos, raising the roof,  adding bamboo sits, purring concrete, adding shades and sand to the platform, used by the kids. 

Original oil can grid, with maximum bamboo option
From grid to random - HD link

Vishnu Mandir

In this days, when Vishnu is gaining popularity worldwide and sustainability is a key word, I wanted to build my mandir for him.
Appropriately, the mandir is: 
a. Made out of empty water bottles for the main structure, a metal can as an image of the god and a map of Pushkar for his resting place.
b. Multifunctional, operating both as a place of reflection and intimacy with the god, and as a stand in our beautiful balcony for tobacco, water colors and all kinds of little things.


Dérive Ahmedabad 2012 - Work & travel

 After touring Ahmedabad as tourists, we wanted to experience the city on the flip side - selling products and services to the local people.
The rules for the derive were to go to places where we think we can earn money, not to stay in one place for more then an hour and not to stay where we do not earn money.


Some process photos - Unistar team

Marking the construction lines on the ground.

Digging and laying the foundations.

Preparing the oil cans grid.

Covering the bamboos with tar.

Filling the oil cans with an inner grid of plastic bottles in order to use less concrete.

Arranging the oil cans, putting the concrete inside while braking bricks for a brick-bed.

Spontaneous technology @ Rajpur, India

The spontaneous technology of Rajpur's kids:

 A much needed lamppost at the Massala-Unistar construction site.

A smoking zone made out of a painted board, stretched saris and bricks arranged for sitting.