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Derive - Pierre Jeanneret House

Our derive took place in Pierre Jeanneret's residential home. While visitng his abandoned house, we''ve decided to compare between different living approaches: we've asked two groups of first year students to furnish the house as they saw fit (giving every room a program of use) using items which we had given them. In addition, we've documented by film an identical house which nowadays is owned by a wealthy family and  done research about Pierre Jeanneret's way of living in this house.
Kritika Dhupar, Aya Salalha, Lior Skoury, Nitzan Noy


Derive in the Gandhi Bhawan, Punjab University, Chandigarh

The Gandhi Bhawan is located in the Punjab Uni. campus in Chandigarh, and serves the Gandhian Studies department students.
The building was planned by Pierre Jeanneret, and consists of three major programs: a library, an auditorium and a conference room. 
The building is situated as a monument in the campus, surrounded by a little pond, and seems deserted while no one comes in or out.
While visiting the building, we've noticed it's many private hiding places and therefore decided to play hide and seek during our derive. Some can say that the building's architecture of curved walls and hidden corners doesn't suit Gandhi's outward way of life.
attached a collage out of panoramic photos which we took from our different hiding places.


Derive in Chandigarh

Opening point- sector 11:
Yotam Yered
Liza Schneider
Roni Schanin
Jatin Bedi

working with the chai lady at the informal market

Got inspired by the informality, and desided to trade chai for some information

We destributed questioniers to get to know the people and find out in which sector they live and why the came to this sector

we found out the people came from all the city.

BUT...... also from much farther away.
aperentlly most of them came fot treatment at one of the best hospitals in India.


Maristella Casciato: Introducing Pierre Jeanneret — architect, designer, educator — in Chandigarh (Mellon Lecture 18 November 2010, Canadian Centre for Architecture)

‪Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier arrive at the dedication of Chandigarh, March 1955‬

Maristella CasciatoCCA Senior Mellon Fellow and Professor of Architectural History, School of Architecture “Aldo Rossi” at Cesena, University of Bologna, speaks on the pivotal contribution of Pierre Jeanneret to the construction of Chandigarh, India:

The Swiss born architect Pierre Jeanneret (1896-1967) is mostly known to the public as the cousin of Le Corbusier. He was associated to the office from 1922 to 1940 and fully participated in designing all major works and competitions. This seminar will present “another” Pierre, without ignoring his previous seminal experience as chef d’atelier at the office in rue de Sévres. My focus will shift to a continent far away from Western culture, i.e. India, specifically after the end of the British rule. I will examine Pierre Jeanneret’s pivotal contribution to the construction of Chandigarh, the new capital of Punjab and the first modern city after Indian independence. 

I will attempt to explain the reasons that convinced Pierre Jeanneret to become the architect coordinator of the Chandigarh project, and I will retrace the steps of his full immersion into Indian culture without betraying his education as a modern architect in Western countries.
This seminar will take out of the shadows Jeanneret’s skill as designer, planner, technician, manager, and educator facing the construction of Indian post-colonial new architecture.

the full lecture is here

Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Mellon Lecture 18 November 2010

The CCA Mellon Foundation Senior Fellowship Program was established in 2001 to encourage advanced research in architectural history and thought. With the generous support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, distinguished scholars of international repute are appointed Mellon Senior Fellows during residencies of one to eight months at the Study Centre. As part of their residency, Mellon Senior Fellows deliver a public lecture at the CCA.

Chairs by Pierre Jeanneret