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SABA wins the Arieh and Eldar Sharon Award

SABA 2011 wins 1st prize in the Arieh and Eldar Sharon Award for Creative Student, and the Project of the Year competition organized by Architecture of Israel Quarterly and the EU Delegation to Israel.
The Awards ceremony will be held on Tuesday, April 9, 19:00 at ZEZEZE Architecture Gallery in Hangar 21, Tel Aviv Harbor.

the green scool in bali, indonesia



Asee group - learning from the nature - Present Bamboo & Common Reed structure

ASEE - Natural and Artificial structures
"Ein Hashofet"
"Ark of Bamboo"

Our course of action comes after observing the site.
We chose to map three areas:

1.       Access to park Ariel Sharon.

2.      Trees and vegetation in the park - with an emphasis on individual trees that produce shadow points.

3.      Mapping river channels, river route and trails that connect to it.

While working on mapping both on the site and in the studio, we realized that we are interested in the river channel, our structure and our attitude to it and to the vegetation that exists on the banks of the river channels in the park.
The mapping created led us to define three potential sites for us and they differ from each other in their relationship to water, in their location in relation to Mount Hiriya and vegetation which we thought to consider when building a the structure.

The three sites were:

1.      The Hill.

2.      The Bridge.

3.      The Sangam (stream channels meeting - Sanskrit)

Our attention was more to the bridge and to the sangam, including quantities of reed which immediately attracted attention as an opportunity in the site - the use of the reed as our construction yields distinct advantages:

1.      Using material that is abundant in its natural form and site, preventing un-necessary transport of material from elsewhere.

2.      Possibility of building with material that can be returned to nature after use (biodegradable).

3.      Using material that originates near the banks of the river - where we want our building to be located. Connects with the idea of ​​a natural project in relation to the water.