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HumaNesting by Residue

The weaving

Standing under the shade during presentation

Mission Accomplished. It does provide shade, and for a large amount of people. 

The team. Guy, Shamir, Michelle

Detail of the weaving

Brochure, inside, english

Brochure, outside, english

Days After



A Day With Asee Group

Locating plant of common reeds which has maximum length of reeds (~ 6 meters).
Cutting or uprooting the longest reeds.
 Cleaning the reeds from Foliage.
Loading reeds on the car and drive it to the construction site.
Placing  the clean reeds in between the trees for bending.
 Improved form Created by a bow with overlap in order to get a stable construction.
 Create 12 foundation pits and Laying the 8 bows in them.
Started weaving between the arches.
Number of Cattle Egret Sunbathing with a single Hooded Crow.
Snake sheds its skin which remains at the entrance to his cave, it form remains complete. 



Method One: Preparing connections from dry reed (sock).

 Thread three connectors on each pair of reed which are intended to produce a single bow.

Method two: coiling a thin rope around pair of reed which are intended to produce a single bow.

Stack of bows in the open position. Both connection methods.

Bows which are connected by a rope. It was bending for a week, kept their arc shape.

Creating four bows, which produce two cross bows while using the first method. Using dry reed connectors (sock).

Finding a temporary location and analysis of the foundation ground - digging pits 20-40 cm deep for locating the bows.

Laying the bows in the foundation pits.

Cover each hole in the ground and started weaving between the arches.

View at the weaving from the inside.

Single arc detail connecting to the ground.