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SABA spring 2014 Presentation and Inauguration at OCCUPYTLV tent city

We are pleased to invite you to the opening ceremony of the new sanitation facilities in the homeless / protest tent camp at the Volovelsky-Karni Park, Tel-Aviv.
The bathing area, grey-water biological purifying system and the compost toilet were designed and built during spring 2014 under the guidance of Arch. Sharon Rotbard and Arch. Guy Re Moor in the framework SABA the studio for Spontaneous Architecture at Bezalel Academy.

June 26, 4:00 PM

Inauguration and openning ceremony:
June 29, 9:30 AM inauguration ceremony
In the presence of Meital Lehavi, Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo


"Israeli Gandhigiri* in the land of Bapu**" - SABA 2012 presentation at Bezalel

Presentation of SABA 2012 Rajpur projects will take place on Friday november 16th, 11:00 AM, at the Architecture department of Bezalel Academy, Historic Bezalel Campus, 1 Bezalel street, Jerusalem.

* Gandhigiri - Those who walk in Gandhi's path (Gujarati).
** Bapu - Grandfather (Gujarati), one of M.K. Gandhi's nicknames.