HumaNesting Construction - Days 4-5-6 (or: how to make a truck driver angry)

Day 4: Moving Pruned Branches to Final Construction Site
Old-New Location
View from the Mountain

Bugger is bugging the branches into the truck

This is how you move a truck full of trees under a main highway (and partly break the truck's door)

Unloading the truck on site

Summary- Day 4
1 flat tire
1 angry truck driver
1 partly broken truck door

Days 5+6: Making a Big Pit

Summary- Day 5
80-cm deep hole
~100 buckets of soil

 Link: 360-Degrees Panorama view from the Pit

First Test 
No Oil :-(
The Warrior's Rest

 Summary- Day 6
120-cm deep hole
150-200 buckets of soil
1 new logo