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Putu in Pita Pavilion

Inspired by "blob architecture", our pavilion, with its' "basket-like" shape, is a result of our attempt to plan and build a structure which would have a natural rounded shape and curves within our rectangular plot.
Compared to architects who design blob structures using 3D softwares, we have decided to achieve our goal by weaving splitted bamboos. Due to their high tendency to bend, throughout the building process we were uncertain regarding the final form of the structure.
Using weaving as our main construction technique, our pavilion no longer had walls or roof, making the whole structure as a one continuous and firm surface.


Buildable Area: 15 sq.m
Orientation : South- West

Building Process

# 1 Foundations

# 2, 3: Placing the PVC pipes & Planting the vertical splitted bamboos

# 4  Pre-Fabricating the arches

# 5,6,7: Creating the skelton & weaving



Maiyl Group

The pavilion design was influenced by the local climate and sun path. It provides a shaded environment for the majority of the day, throughout the year by considering the path of the sun and constructing an active filtering.   

The pavilion is located on the center-northern plot of the complex. The southern side of the plot is the sunniest most of the day and faces the center. This side was left open allowing an unobstructed connection to the other pavilions. The sun is partially blocked by the roof, the eastern and the western walls.

Sun path checks:

Bamboo beam and brick column joint

The bamboo used to construct the walls was placed vertical to block the sun. In the western wall the bamboo is more dense in consideration of the position of the sun and the time of day that the pavilion is occupied

The roof is designed as an separated element detached from the main structure and in resonance with the existing environment

The platform is raised 40 cm above the ground offering protection from the Monsoon flood and creating an exterior sitting area
Building process: