Ohad Fishof / A Slow Walk for Longplayer

Crossing London Bridge in 9 hours, 43 minutes and 25 seconds (21 June 2005)

SABA 2013 Program

Touch this earth lightly. (Aboriginal proverb, cited by Glenn Murcutt)

1. Design and build a structure that provides 25 square meters of shade. 
2. The structure will stand for ten days in Park Ariel Sharon. The structure shall be connected to the ground temporarily; It should be removable, movable, mobile or perishable at will. It shall not leave any mark or effect on the ground after its removal. It may be reusable. 
3. The structure may combine other functions that respond to the park's life and activities and in accordance with the park's administration.
4. The location of the structure is up to you but should be coordinated with the park's administration. 
5. The budget is 0.00 NIS.