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vayal team project

A structure of bamboo and ropes from floor to roof.
We followed a light construction technique, using only bamboo as a structural element.
Based on the sun path we provided shade to our pavilion, we weaved the wall and the roof Using sac bags and rope.
We also provided a bench within our pavilion arising between the columns.
The primary system of columns and beams Contained the secondary system of shading and sitting area.

documents and planing guidelines

Built up area: 15 sq.m
Orientation on site: SE

Examination of the sun path was made in order to plan a shaded structure.
The roof  measurements and a west side wall were designed according to the examination.

Construction process

Joints & details

The main focus was the light construction that required detailed planning in order to achieve a reliable bamboo foundation.

All along its core, the bamboo grows thinner. 
Due to that, we used tow conjoined bamboos in order to create 5 and 5.6 meter long beams with approximately the same diameter on both ends alongside the bamboo.

Beam and column joints

View of the pavilion