HumaNesting - Days 8 to 12

Day 8: Using Horses as an organic tool

Meeting with Zuki the Engineer

Fixing the foundation woods with steel cable bindings 
Current Binding System
Wished-for Binding System - "Steel Ribbon"

Cleaning the branches

Making ropes for the cable binding

Day 9: Starting the Roof Construction
Old Aerial Photo - Our Site is well-developed (upper right side, between the green and brown fields) 
Picking up long fresh branches for the top construction

Wooden milk

Days 10-11: Finishing Roof Construction part 1 (woods)

Day 12: Starting "The Fives"

 Eucalyptus Texture Collection

Cleaning 4-5 cm diameter branches to be used as a base for the weaving

Next time: Steel cable construction for the roof
Start weaving!

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