SABA's OccupyTLV projects at the show "Mobile Home project", Songwon Art Center, Seoul

"Grey Water, Black Water", SABA's projects at the OccupyTLV tent-city, were selected to the show and archive "Mobile Home Project" curated by Somi Sim at the Songwon Art Center, Seoul.

Mobile Home Project (Songwon Art Center, Seoul, KR) | 21.11-19.12.2014

‘Mobile Home Project’ is a research and exhibition project on various cases of mobile spaces that are created and caused by people’s migration and about the life within them through perspectives of arts, architecture and design.


Pope Francis plans to build showers for the homeless

Pope Francis reportedly is working on plans to build showers for homeless men and women in Vatican City, his latest move to change the public’s expectations of the Catholic Church and to ease some residents’ suffering.
The pope’s chief alms-giver, Monsignor Konrad Krajewski, told The Associated Press that three showers will be installed in the public restrooms in St. Peter’s Square, the plaza directly in front of St. Peter’s Basilica, to help individuals who are homeless. The idea allegedly stemmed from Krajewski’s encounter with a homeless man who declined the charity provider’s offer to celebrate his 50th birthday at a restaurant because of his odor.

(source: http://on.msnbc.com/1xoucHH)


e.t.g.r - pavilion

The pavilion was designed based on two principles: first, the layout of the bricks, the second grid that divides the building to 9 equal squares.
Shape laying bricks actually was little structure element which has the general arrangement and form of the building containers. Pavilion typesetting grid, expressed in continuous visual structure, and expression of the roof Hbmna engineering, grid happens in parallel to each other.
These two principles together with the environment of the Pavilion (location of trees), served in the idea that we wanted to express planning is private. Grid and cover created by the arrangement does not get very walls of growing taller ones only partial closure of the building, it manages to convey in serving the private experience without barriers and without concealment.


Pucchi Mucchi Project

 The pavilion is based on the granite stone, which is a common, cheap and natural resource in the area. Therefore, we used it as the main component - stones in their original unhewn structure ("Truth to materials" tenet). The stone rises from the ground to the surface, and opposing it, the roof, which is made of bamboo, is descending to the surface from the sky, The connection is in the pavilion.
The wall is in the south part considering the path of the sun. In addition to, the wall and the platform were built in spontaneous method.

Building Process -

Materials sightseeing

The selected configuration

- Site plan 

Buildable Area: 15 sq.m
Orientation : North-East

Foundation plan -

Bringing the boulder from the site area, to use as Readymade bench 


The roof has 50 cm extensions in the northern, southern and western sides, considering the sun path.
In the eastern side there is a natural tree that provides protection from the sun.

The Readymade boulder is used as a bench, and is located in accordance with the center of the island and the tree on its natural environment.

South Elevation

Details -

Finish line -